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Maple Quinoa Granola Recipe – Pinch of Yum

click here to Pin this recipe This recipe is part of our Plant-Powered January series! Find out more about how to join in on the fun, or click here to sign up directly for our email list to receive weekly meal plans, grocery lists, and other resources. Crunchy, naturally sweet, with big clusters that stick together for easy bite-by-bite …


Old School Homemade Oreos Recipe

click here to Pin this recipe Hello! Let’s talk about something that is charmingly old school and danach VERY DANGEROUSLY DELICIOUS: Homemade Oreos. This is important to say right off the bat: there’s no crunchy cookie and no dry frosting here. We’re just borrowing the concept of all Oreo layering but swapping the dry stuff …


Biscuits and Gravy Egg Bake Recipe

click here to Pin this recipe This recipe is sponsored by ALDI Holiday times mean big food times, and big food times mean WE START WITH BRUNCH. My love for this biscuits and gravy egg bake is borderline over-the-top. There are zero things not to love about a casserole-style dish of fluffy eggs and cheddar …