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Pork medallions in mushroom cream sauce with Spätzle

Pork medallions in mushroom cream sauce is one of those great dishes that never go out of fashion and many of the benefits ofâ combination. It is easy to prepare, it goes quickly, because in 30 minutes the food is on the table and it is super nice.

Medallions in mushroom cream sauce’s a true classic that you can find on the menu in the Restaurant, just like in any good cookbook.

Whether for Sunday dinner or even just one keer’n week, because it is quick and tasty, this dish is to really convince always.

A white plate of pork medallions with a mushroom cream sauce with Spätzle. Behind it's a dish with noodles and decoration.

Tips for the preparation

The preparation is really easy and you can ergo, if you cook nog’n bit in the beginning.
It is important that you removed from the pork loin, to buy, and often on pieces of this silvery tendon, because it is not edible.

Gebruik’n sharp knife and scabbard from the rest of the meat. That’s about it.

The rest of the meat is very lean and does not contain much fat. If you has a piece of dat’n bit of fat nicht, you can cut the only.

Then you cut the meat crosswise nicht4 cm thick pieces and press them with your Hand flat.

Pork loin is so tender your Hand is enough and you don nie’n meat tenderizer.

Thus, the preparations are already done.

The Rest of the simple preparation, you will learn further down nicht easy, step-by-step recipe.

A white plate of pork medallions with a mushroom cream sauce with Spätzle. Behind it's a dish with noodles and decoration.

If you have no desire to verander’n whole pork loin, you can of course buy ready-cut and prepared medals and use 🙂

The classic way to eat pork loin Yes like pink in the middle, because it is the way it is on the one hand, to tender and of fine flavor of the meat come out the best.

Nowadays it is ergo harmless and a good piece of pork loin need to be cooked through.

If you don’t like the so, I recommend you use the medals net’n little longer to cook.

You can ergo gently nichtpiece of cut to see how even it is and if it is, how you want to eat.

A white plate of pork medallions with a mushroom cream sauce with Spätzle. Behind it's a dish with noodles and decoration.

Andere for the pig

If pork loin is not completely yours, you can this recipe ergo Turkey to prepare. Turkey it is ergo receive a big, soft meat and tastes absolutely sauce is sensational nichtMushroom. The preparation and the rest of the recipe remains the same.

What inserts will wohlbehalten this dish?

As a garnish I fried Spaetzle selected. I use nicht recipe for fresh pasta from the refrigerator section. It is super nice and goes the fastest.

The noodles, I fry nichtpan nichtlittle Butter until they are lightly Golden brown. So I like this dish the most. You can use the noodles, but ergo receive classic in the salt water and cook until the medals.

As Andere to the noodles you can make fried Gnocchi. In the preparation of the same, and you can ergo find everywhere fresh in the refrigerator section.

If you prefer something classic, you can of the pork medallions with mushroom potatoes or rice nichtcreamy sauce rich.

Croquettes are sure to be om’n good idea, I just remember and I think I will have to try that sometime soon.
The medals are really so nice, I’m hungry again 🙂

A white plate of pork medallions with a mushroom cream sauce with Spätzle. Behind it's a dish with noodles and decoration.

The specified Preparation time by the way, is indispensable rough guideline. It is completely normal, as ita little longer, because when the preparations done faster of’n little longer can take and vegetables may ergo receive another length until it is even

So, and now I wish you lots of fun cooking and a very good appetite!

If you find the sauce is my recipe for pork medallions with mushroom with spaetzle case, you might ergo like my easy recipe for Rübkohl carrots vegetables nichtlight sauce with mashed potatoes and Sausage (Click!) 🙂

Your Christoph

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Pork medallions with mushroom cream sauce with Spätzle

Pork medallions in mushroom cream sauce’s simple, Evergreen, which always taste fantastic.

Preparation10 Min.

Preparation20 Min.

Total30 Min.

Court: Main dish

Country & Region: English

Keyword: Medallions, mushroom cream sauce, cream sauce, pork medallions, spaetzle

Servings: 4

Calories: 610 kcal

Author: Feelgood foodandmore

For the pork medallions:

  • 600 g Pork Loin (Fillet) Or finished medals
  • 2 TL Salt
  • 1 TL Black Pepper
  • 2 TL Paprikaschote-powder Sweet
  • 2 EL Oil For Frying

For the sauce:

  • 300 g Mushrooms
  • 1 Onion
  • 1 Garlic clove Printed
  • 150 ml White wine Optional
  • 200 ml Cream
  • 150 ml Vegetable soup or meat sauce
  • 1 TL Salt
  • ½ TL Pepper
  • 1 TL Lemon juice
  • 1 TL Sugar
  • 1/2 TL Thyme Destemmed
  • 1 EL light sauce binder Optional
  • 1 EL Oil

For the spaetzle:

  • 1 Pack of fresh noodles
  • 50 g Butter
  • 1 TL Salt


  • Some Styles Parsley Hacked


  • The mushrooms clean and cut.

  • Peel the onion, halve and cut nichtcubes.

  • Wash parsley, shake dry and chop finely.

  • The loin parry (Of the Sinews and fat free), and about 3 cm thick cut, so that the medals arise.

  • The medallions with the Hand press slightly flat.

  • Season with salt, pepper and paprika powder noble Sweet wines from both sides of the season.


  • Nichthot pan with the addition of 2 TABLESPOONS of the Oil each side for about 2 minutes to fry. Then take out and put aside.

  • Note: The medallions cook in the sauce after. If You have your medal, but all the way through, you should fry for about 3 minutes each side.

  • In the same pan first, add the mushrooms with the addition of 1 TABLESPOON Oil 3 to 4 minutes fry, until they have adopted color. Then the chopped onions and garlic, add and sauté. With white wine (Optional) deglaze and reduce. Then the cream and the vegetable broth to give.

  • Something to reduce, and then with the cornflour to bind. Season with salt, pepper, sugar, lemon juice and thyme on top.

  • The medallions back in the sauce. About 5 mindestenssimmer.

For the spaetzle:

  • Melt the Butter nichtpan, let it melt and the noodles and gently, oor’n low heat and sauté until they start to slightly brown.

  • Only now season with a little salt.

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